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Freshdesk setup and App Installation for mint platform.

  1. Login to your FreshDesk account.
  2. Go to Profile Settings & copy your API key then go for app installation. While installing app you need to paste this key as installation parameter in first text field . Other fields will fill automatically.
  3. Press Install button, Congratulations! You have successfully installed the App.
  4. In your Freshdesk, go to Admin -> General Settings -> Ticket Fields and create three new custom types "Question", "Complaint", "Appreciation", "Comment", "Suggestionignore if you already have.
  5. After FreshEngage installation we will process tickets created from below channels:
    1. Email
    2. Portal
    3. Phone
    4. Chat
    5. Feedback Widget
    6. MobiHelp
    7. Outbound Email
  6. To activate your App, you need to create new ticket using above listed channel then view your ticket and expand FreshEngage App window. App will be activated Automatically. Once your app is activated your next all new tickets will be processed through FreshEngage, to test app funtionality please check your ticket properties and keywords of new ticket.